Some things I personally like and support are

Some more Interests

  • 2015–2017 student representative in the board of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Regensburg
  • 2016–2017 Organisation of a trial studies event for students—this still takes place yearly, check it out!
  • 2013–2018 active member of the students’ association of the faculties of Mathematics and Physics, University of Regensburg (this included e.g. introduction of freshmen)
  • Active underwater rugby player since 2014, underwater rugby referee since 2015 in the SCUBA diving club Tauchclub Ratisbona

What I worked with so far

Some “basic skills” in the form of things I worked with so far (including my current favorites):

  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (>= CEF C1), Chinese (basics), Latin (do NOT come up with the idea I could speak this fluently!)
  • Programing languages: Python, Java, C++, C, R, D, Javascript, Lua, Assembler
  • Markup languages: LaTeX, HTML5 und CSS3, Markdown
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Android, Windows (even though I prefer a shell ;-))
  • Applications:
    • VCS: Git (if need be Subversion)
    • IDEs: IntelliJ/Pycharm, a bit Eclipse, a bit VS Code
    • Bibliography Management (Zotero)
    • Standard Office apps like MS O365 (but I often prefer LaTeX Beamer over PowerPoint ;-))
    • Containerization (Docker, plain RunC)
  • Frameworks:
    • Unit-Testing: Unittest and Pytest (Python), JUnit (Java)
    • Doc generation: Sphinx
    • Web: Apache Isis, Aurelia, a bit of Spring
    • Machine Learning: Keras, PyTorch, Tensorflow