Below find a selected collection of my publications and some reviewing activities. For any material not (yet) linked here, simply contact me.

PublicationsORCID iD icon0000-0003-2690-2478

  • Rabold, Johannes, Gesina Schwalbe, and Ute Schmid. 2020. “Expressive Explanations of DNNs by Combining Concept Analysis with ILP.” In KI 2020: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 148–62. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer International Publishing.
  • Schwalbe, Gesina. 2020. “Concept Enforcement and Modularization as Methods for the ISO 26262 Safety Argumentation of Neural Networks.” In Proc. 10th European Congress Embedded Real Time Software and Systems. Toulouse, France. (hal-02442796)
  • Schwalbe, Gesina. 2020. “A Survey on Methods for the Safety Assurance of Machine Learning Based Systems.” In Proc. 10th European Congress Embedded Real Time Software and Systems. Toulouse, France. (hal-02442819)
  • Schwalbe, Gesina, Bernhard Knie, Timo Sämann, Timo Dobberphul, Lydia Gauerhof, Shervin Raafatnia, and Vittorio Rocco. 2020. “Structuring the Safety Argumentation for Deep Neural Network Based Perception in Automotive Applications.” In Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security. SAFECOMP 2020 Workshops, 383–394. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Schwalbe, Gesina, and Martin Schels. 2019. “Strategies for Safety Goal Decomposition for Neural Networks.” In Extended Abstracts of 3rd ACM Comput. Science in Cars Symp. Kaiserslautern, Germany. pdf.
  • Schwalbe, Gesina. 2019. “Concept Enforcement and Modularization for the ISO26262 Safety Case of Neural Networks.” In Proc. ECML PhD Forum 2019. Würzburg, Germany, September 16. pdf.
  • [Master thesis] Schwalbe, Gesina. 2018. Immersions and Stiefel-Whitney Classes of Manifolds. University of Regensburg, Germany. pdf.
  • [Bachelor thesis] Schwalbe, Gesina. 2016. Neron-models of Elliptic Curves. (German). University of Regensburg, Germany. pdf.

Public Talks

Machine Learning

  • Schwalbe, Gesina, and Jing Xiao. 2019. “Safety Argument for ML Based Systems in the Context of Highly Automated Driving.” Presented at the 9th VDA Automotive SYS Conference, Potsdam, Germany, June 27.
  • Schwalbe, Gesina, and Stefan Voget. 2019. “Safety Assurance of AI Applications in Safety Critical Automotive Systems.” presented at the 2019, Munich, Germany, May 7.
  • Schwalbe, Gesina. 2018. “DNN-Absicherung – Ein Überblick (German).” presented at the seminar of Cognitive Systems Group, University of Bamberg, Germany, December 20. (Github repo)
  • Schwalbe, Gesina. 2018. “Image segmentation.” presented at the seminar Topics in Machine Learning organized by Dr. Justin Noel, University of Regensburg, Germany, May 7. (Github repo)


All official material (theses, term papers, and talks) is linked in this Github repository.


  • 2019-09-04 “From Mathematics to PhD Student in Machine Learning.” (German). Informative talk at trial studies mathematics 2019.
  • 2016-06-11 “An Insight into Typography.” (German). Informative talk on a selection of typographical topics at privately organized Seminar. (slides)